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Important Day Poolside [Feb. 8th, 2008|09:02 pm]
[mood |cough-sniffle]

Well! We have been doing some very important work lately, with the plans for the Lay College and Sororities and everything. Fortunately, honored Fräulein Landgrebe put together a conference room for us...in the pool at Little Aristasia!

Here are the honored brunettes:

Did you notice that neither is wearing her spectacles? Or monocle, in the case of Fräulein Landgrebe. Stunning, aren't they?

Here we are all floating in the pool toys - I mean conference chairs - that honored Sarachenya got for us. Miss Sushuri appears to be eating a pose ball while the rest of us look at the water:

And here, we are just looking into the water. No doubt we are hunting for something else to feed poor Miss Sushuri since she clearly has finished the last of the pose balls:

And what would a day in Virtualia be like without a dance? Honored and thoughtful Miss Yatsenko brought dance balls so that we could waltz and, of course, do the traditional poolside tanko. Here I am, a-dancing with Elder Sister (still monocle-less):

[User Picture]From: miss_clarissa
2008-02-09 09:34 pm (UTC)
So wonderful bathing suits ! The place looks delightful.
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